Legacy Society Partners

Donor Members of the Legacy Society

The following are members of the Legacy Society because we know that they have made plans to leave financial resources behind to benefit this community through a fund in the Community Foundation after they have gone. Experience teaches us that there are quite a few folks who have made plans and have chosen, for now, to keep that information to themselves.

  • Carol Lee Allen
  • William J.* and R. Jean Beard
  • Robert and Meg Bracken*
  • Lois J. Dowden*
  • Ruth Felix*
  • Edith Gould*
  • Robert E. Hall Jr.*
  • Carroll C. Johnson
  • Jeff & Lois McMurtrey
  • Lou Ann Mitchell
  • William and Doris Mohr*
  • George and Mary Ogle*
  • Larry and Carol Price
  • Herbert and Marjorie Ruch*
  • Ruth Derrick Ruch*
  • Robert and Eleanor Ryan*
  • Mary Lou Stuart*
  • Wendy Thompson
  • Phyllis Widener*

*denotes deceased

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