Therapy Pool Renovations Enhance Rehabilitation Experience

poolBy Katie Denta
Community Foundation Intern

After 40 years of providing aquatic classes and recreation opportunities, the Wesley Manor therapy pool in Frankfort, Ind., closed on January 7, 2013, for renovations.

In order to better serve Wesley Manor residents and Clinton County community members, renovations were needed to provide a safer aquatic experience at the therapy pool. The over three month renovation process included re-grouting the pool, installing new light fixtures and an automatic water leveler, adding a new wheelchair lift,  separate stair steps into each depth level of the pool and putting in new water pumps and ladder steps. The Clinton County Community Foundation granted Wesley Manor $37,500 to help offset $80,213 renovation costs.

"Wesley Manor provides needed services to the community," said John Shoup, chairman of the Clinton County Services Committee. "The Foundation recognized this as a unique opportunity to improve the quality of life for Clinton County residents."

Renovations to the therapy pool provide easier access for Wesley Manor residents and community members as well as a safer swimming and aquatic class experience. Also, the added wheelchair lift will enable individuals who are unable to use stair steps or ladders to use the therapy pool.

"Since the therapy pool at Wesley Manor re-opened in April, the response from the Wesley Manor residents and the Clinton County community has been phenomenal," according to Wesley Manor President/CEO Dave Kinder. "There is always someone in the pool. Without the generous donations of our residents and the grant from the Clinton County Community Foundation, none of this would have been possible."

Individuals who are 55 years of age or over and have written permission from a doctor for aquatic therapeutic activities in the Wesley Manor Wellness Program will be able to reap the benefits of the therapy pool renovation. Additionally, non-Wesley Manor residents who meet requirements can purchase a monthly therapy pool membership for the low cost of $14 a month.

On April 17, 2013, residents and community members joined together for the therapy pool's grand reopening celebration. Attendees were able to see the renovated pool and pool areas, hear about the renovation process and learn about the Wesley Manor aquatic opportunities.

The Community Foundation of Clinton County is excited to see how the Wesley Manor therapy pool will be used by residents and community members for years to come. Wesley Manor is a not for profit organization that provides care to adults from all walks of life in Clinton County and the surrounding area.¬† The Community Foundation supports Wesley Manor’s mission of providing care "to older adults through love, benevolence, and service."

In 2012, the Community Foundation approved a grant for Wesley Manor's "Money Follows the Person Program." The program allows low-income seniors to live independently in Wesley Manor apartments. Fifteen apartments were outfitted with centralized kitchens. Each unit received a refrigerator, microwave and cooking and serving items. Additionally, the Community Foundation also supported Wesley Manor’s 2001 Geriatrics Wellness Program with the purchase of new exercise equipment and the nation-wide Eden Alternative Program which aimed to make long-term care facilities "more homey & fun."

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